Monday’s Art Mart – #5

Welcome to the sadly non-weekly weekly post that I put up showcasing my art. Despite it’s name, it’s not coming out on Monday this week, but instead on Sunday! While I’m might be unable to meet my schedule, I will still try to never the less convince you that I can draw!

The last two weeks have been busy, and throughout them I’ve been doodling hands on whatever paper I could get my hands on. Today’s Art Mart required scanning 25+ pieces of paper, which, trust me, was a complete pain in the ass. Hope you enjoy.

Due to the sheer number of pieces, and the lack of labeling, I do not know in what order they were sketched. For that reason I’ve sorted them together randomly.

Two questions I continually asked myself these last two weeks were “where the fuck do I put the thumb?” and “why do the fingers look so off?” Hopefully I’ve gotten better at drawing hands, although I make no guarantees. Some were drawn by just copying my hand, while the block-ier ones where drawn by following the instructions given in a wide assortment of videos and articles.

The hands in this image were sourced from 7 different papers.
Partially shaded on left, shaded on right.
Numerous sketches of hands fiddling with pencils.
Lot of things were scribbled over out of frustration.
Was drawn over a worksheet, tried my best to remove the words.
Also drawn over a worksheet.
The globe was inseparable. The thumb is just… bad.
I think these were the first two I drew, hopefully you have noticed some improvement. These were drawn by copying my hand.
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