Monday’s Art Mart – #4

Welcome once again to Gentz’ Monday’s Art Mart, where I try to sell you on the idea that I can draw.

First up, we got a little goblin dude, as requested by Oren. I was in a slight rush to get it shaded, and I really struggled with the hands, but overall, I’d regard it as a success.

Unlike the prior weeks, this time I mainly spent my time on a little sketch out of a comic (working title: “A meeting at the end of the world.”), inspired by the The Sandman, The Words’ End Collection – but with a catch: instead of telling stories, the members stay silent to pass the time. I’d recently completed the whole Sandman series and wanted to sketch this out in homage.

I’m not sure if I’ll complete it, but I did nevertheless enjoy making out the sketches. Trying to draw the people in their poses, with the proper proportions and without a reference to copy from was a real task, but I learned a good portion from it.

I think I kind of fucked up the tree.

At the World’s End Inn,
as the world falls into a spin,

I tried to make the third face more angular and more masculine, but alas failed. Anyways, in the leftmost panel, death is pulling down her hoodie, in the middle one, it is down, and in the third, the friend is pulling down theirs. I suspect that the hands are too small, I think they should be around the same size as the distance between the bottom of the face to the bottom of the nose.

Two friends meet again
as it rains all ’round them.
Coughs flutter in the air,
at each other they stare,
death’s come to reap someone’s soul,
or at least that’s what the other’s told.
Speak a sentence or two,
give names and ask who.

Two friends meet again,
they don’t know where or when,
but bellow death’s raven coat
is just one lonely bloke,
Death speaks a sentence too few,
they share a word or two.

The swirls, when finalized, will become wind.

As the clouds stop and stall
and the rain harder begins to fall,
two friends meet again,
their eyes meet once then.
Happy to not be alone,
out of their mouths not even a groan.
Everything to say’s been said before.
They just sit silently an hour or four,
Make the other smile more.

With everything said above, I’ll see you folks next week. Enjoy this week’s references

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