Monday’s Art Mart – #2

It is that time again, for a chance to witness the most beautiful thing one can see in their life, Gentz’ art! Not convinced? Wittiness my splendid creations and bask in their glory.

Now, I’m afraid I didn’t do any shading this week, just line art, but that’s OK, as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all the more.

First we got Tunon the adjudicator, with unrealistically small arms , plenty of smudging, and a curving staff. Overall, I enjoyed making them, and was happy with what resulted.

Next we got what was meant to be a coupon. Someone promised to sing and record a song for me, if I wrote one, and did not hold up to their promise when I did, or at least that’s what I claim.

I then said that I had a coupon for one free song singing, they said that I didn’t, so I told them I’d make one.

In an attempt to not make their arms as short as Tunon’s, I decided to make it too long. I then had to erase it and redo it smaller. Alas, the old arm did not rub out completely, which made the thing look less clean than it already did. I also messed up the head, and the face didn’t look too good, so I decided to redo the whole thing.

Practice makes perfect, as they say. I kept making small sketches of their head and hair until I was satisfied with how it looks.

After some practice, I used one of these shitty pink crayola trace pads that we happened to have lying around to, as the name implies, trace over everything.

I could spend pages complaining about how weak its light was, and how I had to operate in pitch darkness for the underlying paper to be visible, but instead I’ll just leave it at this one paragraph.

I’m afraid they didn’t accept the coupon in the end. 🙁 Maybe their face was too shocked, or maybe the curve on their left leggings was too extreme, who knows? Oh, and their outstretched arm sort of looks robotic, but I won’t judge them for that.

Anyways, I also attempted to draw a small tree, but then I realized the trunk looked like a neck, and the bushes like eyes, so I turned it into the cutest little goblin ever.

Just look at them!

With that, I’ll be back, once again, next week at 4pm UTC-6. Come back Monday for your next installment of this High Qualitytm series. Until then, I’ll leave you with this week’s references.

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