Monday’s Art Mart – #1

Welcome to Gentz’ Monday’s Art Mart, where I try to sell you on the idea that I might possibly know how to draw. Hard sell, I realize.

Originally, I planned to only take a photo of my drawings with my phone, but that felt too low quality, so I went through the hassle of setting up xsane, which was a pain.

Nevertheless, in the end I prevailed, scanning the art up at a whooping, wait for it… 75 DPI. Yeah, oops. I rescanned everything at 600 DPI, which took a while, and produced 25 MB images, which was, as I think you’ll agree, unacceptably large. I then scaled things down 4x, and that ended up looking fine.

The week’s theme, and probably the next’s too, was Tyranny characters. I’ve been watching Aavak’s play through of the game, and it’s art really caught my attention.

The first thing I drew was Graven Ashe, who came out a tad flat, and skewed. His face has a weird tilt, the banner isn’t straight, and the beard looks too long and not wide enough. Additionally, the banner’s logo is, well, just wrong. I originally forgot to put one, then decided to try to draw it with an eraser. I am happy, however, with how the glowing chest bars1 came out.

I resolved to make sure such mistakes never happen again, with my second drawing, which was of the Voices of Nerat holding out his sword. Sadly both his and his staff’s face got fucked up, with me running out of space for the former, due to misplaning.

How to use your space wrong.

Both his arms also look wrong to me, but I can’t figure out why, and I’m afraid I got some smudging in centre-right rays of light. I do like how the sword came out, especially with the reflections/shine/whatever it’s called.

In my second picture of the Voices of Nerat, I wanted to focus on his face, because it looks cool.2 I think the flames were too dark, yet the background wasn’t dark enough, but that’s just me. I thought I completely mucked up the left edge of his left beard, but it wasn’t that bad in the end. I actually forgot to shade the two left horns. I bet you didn’t notice that, or maybe you did. Maybe you thought it was intentional, but no, I just forgot. Overall, this one was my favorite to draw, with the flames and all, and I think it was the one that turned out the best in the end.

Anyways, be back next Monday at 4PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT-6 I think), for more High Qualitytm art in another issue of Monday’s Art Mart, where you can be convinced that I’m a slightly capable person.

  1. Is that what they’re called? I dunno.
  2. Best reason I can think of.

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