Glutin v0.21.0 Release Candidate Season!

‘Tis it not the season to be jolly? Have not the merry men come down with gifts and bundles of joy- of glutin release candidates?

Indeed, after many months of laboring by me and 30+ other contributors, I’m proud to present glutin v0.20.0 and v0.21.0-rc2.1

I, personally, cannot believe how long it’s been since I started working on glutin. It was a freezing winter night like all the other sunless days of June.2 I heated my house with alight printouts of PR #1029, the dim light streaming into my life like morphine. I swear I did. What else could one do with a PR filled with some pretty useless changes to some basically unused features?

Nevertheless, those changes- and many more- made it into v0.20.0, which released on March 9, and v0.21.0-rc2, which just hit the presses yesterday. I’d like to thank everybody whose contributed to winit and glutin, making this and the prior release possible!

The glutin change log can be found here, while the winit change log can be found here.

Please consider updating your application to use the new release candidate. I’d hate to break something for you guys, then have to back port changes

Please also consider swinging by the issues pages for glutin and winit, and trying to solve one or two problems. We couldn’t possibly do this without your support

  1. Shhh, we don’t talk about rc1.
  2. Actually it was summer, but whatever.

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